Ready for Emergencies?

Are you prepared for emergencies?  Do you know what Oakland and Alameda County provide for both dealing with emergencies and responding to emergencies?  Check out our reference page on Emergency Preparedness and see what your options are.

Graffiti are an ongoing problem in Oakland.  It seems that no sooner are they painted over than the tags are back.  If we want to keep our neighborhoods clean and free of graffiti, we the citizens have to act.  Graffiti are a "quality of life" issue, a minor crime with a disproportionately large effect on the neighborhood.

If graffiti are on your property, you are responsible for cleaning them up.

If graffiti are anywhere else, call the Public Works Call Center at 510-615-5566.

  • Public Works is responsible for cleaning up graffiti on city propert.
  • Public Works can identify the property owner of non-city property (OUSD, CalTrans, AT&T, etc.), and work with them to get the sites cleaned up.

For background information, here is the text of the City Administrator's report to the City Council on Graffiti Abatement, dated June 24, 2008:

Graffiti Abatement Information Report 06-24-08

Report Issues on CalTrans Property

Oakland Public Works can't clean up graffiti on CalTrans property - freeway underpasses and signs, including on-ramp and off-ramp signs.  Oakland Police Department also can't enforce laws against homeless camps on CalTrans property.

You can report graffiti, and any other type of problem on CalTrans property, directly on their website page:   

Submit Maintenance Service Requests

The site also accepts reports of most types of problems, from damaged fencing to litter and illegal dumping, including homeless encampments.