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Crime Statistics, 2014

In previous years we published beat crime statistics from monthly meeting to monthly meeting.  With 2014 we will publish them month by month.  We will fill in the back statistics for 2014 as time permits.

Crime Trend Charts, 2014, beats 12Y-13X

Rockridge crime reported 2014

Crime Stats December 2014

Crime Stats November 2014

Crime Stats October 2014

Crime Stats September 2014

Crime Stats August 2014

Crime Stats July 2014

Crime Stats June 2014

Crime Stats May 2014

Crime Stats April 2014

Crime Stats March 2014

Crime Stats February 2014

Crime Stats January 2014

Crime Statistics, 2013

Crime Stats 8-8-13 - 9-10-13

Crime Stats 7-11-13 - 8-7-13

Crime Stats 6-19-13 - 7-10-13

Crime Stats 5-9-13 - 6-18-13

Crime stats 4-8-13 - 5-8-13

Crime stats 3-11-13 - 4-7-13

Crime stats 2-19-13 - 3-10-13

Crime Stats - 1-7-13 - 2-18-13

Pre-2013 Statistics

Effective August 2011, the NCPC is now posting a different format of crime trend data for the Rockridge area.

Crime Trends, 2nd Quarter 2011

Crime Trends, July 2011

Crime Trends, September 2011

Due to a special speaker at the September meeting, the NCPC didn't publish crime trends for August at the September meeting.

Effective October 2011, we have changed crime statistics formats again.  The maps took too much time to prepare, and you can view them yourself at Oakland Crimespotting.  We are now passing out a color-coded spreadsheet, prepared by OPD.  Crimes against the person are coded in red.  Property crimes are coded in light green.  Property crimes involving automobiles are coded in darker green.  Each beat has its own page in the PDF.

Crime Trends, November 2011

Crime Trends, December 2011 (note:  as of the Jan. 12, 2012 meeting we only had numbers through 12/31/11)

Crime Trends, April-May 2012

If you want to do your own research in local crime trends, you can always look at Oakland Crimespotting, where you can find your own location and look at crimes reported to OPD.


Starting in June 2010, the NCPC began posting the presentations Vivek Bhatia presented at the NCPC meetings, analyzing recent crime trends in beats 12Y and 13X, with some numbers from neighboring beats. Vivek's work on these statistics was entirely volunteer, and we greatly appreciate his efforts.

These statistics were previously available on, which has now been shut down.   Due to workload issues, Vivek is now doing the analysis quarterly instead of monthly.

Background on the statistics: These analyses use crime median numbers instead of averages.  The median number is the number exactly in the middle of a range of numbers:  if the number is 15, the median is 8.  Median numbers are affected less than average numbers by temporary spikes or drops.

Crime trends for June 2010

Unfortunately the series was not continued beyond June 2010.