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The monthly crime statistics for beats 12Y and 13X, covering January 2023 and December 2022 (revised 2/6/23), are now available on, under Resources > Crime Stats and Maps > Rockridge Crime Trends 2021-2022 and  Resources > Crime Stats and Maps > Rockridge Crime Trends 2023-2024.   Here are direct links to the pages:  



Here are direct links to the 2 reports:

Crime Stats December 2022 (revised)

Crime Stats January 2023

The January report is surprisingly high, with 83 reports – 73 in beat 12Y and 10 in beat 13X.  That’s within the normal range for 12Y, but below the usual minimum (looking at all of 2022) for 13X.  I don’t know if the reporting delay is still happening or not.  As usual, the largest number of crimes reported are auto-related property crimes, in both beats.  Also as usual, the second largest number in both beats is non-auto property crimes (burglaries and thefts).  The rest of the reports were crimes against the person and quality of life crimes, in both cases fewer than 10 for the month.  January had 2 sets of incidents with multiple charges, one pairing battery with theft, the other 2 charges of auto theft.

The first December crime report showed 64 crime reports – 49 in beat 12Y and 15 in 13X.  The revised December report, built on 2/5/23, reported 96 crimes for the 2 beats – 73 in 12Y and 23 in 13X.  December still had the 10 reports of crimes against the person, which is on the high side.  The highest number of reports in both beats was for auto-related property crimes, followed by regular property crimes.  Vandalism (quality of life) was much lower in December than earlier in the year, especially in 12Y.

The one incident with multiple charges in the first December report rose to 4 incidents with multiple charges in the revised report.  This was me, rethinking it – 3 sets of multiple charges were all in crimes against the person, and before I was only listing them as multiple if some charges were in different categories.  But since they were all in pairs at the same times and the same locations (and the same case numbers, which I checked but didn’t show), I decided I should include them.