Ready for Emergencies?

Are you prepared for emergencies?  Do you know what Oakland and Alameda County provide for both dealing with emergencies and responding to emergencies?  Check out our reference page on Emergency Preparedness and see what your options are.

The February 2023 minutes of the Greater Rockridge Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) are now available online.  They are available on the NCPC web site, on the page at this link:

You can also open the document directly at this link:

This was our first hybrid meeting, with 2 residents and 3 NCPC officers present in person, and about 5 people attending on Zoom, including 2 officers from OPD.  We used a Meeting Owl 3, loaned by Neighborhood Services, for the meeting.  The meeting lasted about 40 minutes and had some very energetic discussions (both in the room and on Zoom) of a perceived lack of support from OPD in north Oakland.